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Jan 17

For many years, plate tectonics was the dominant theory of why the continents did fit together at one point in history, and how the rock cycle works and how volcanoes form and how mountains rise and—Well, you get the point. Plate tectonics appears to explain a lot of occurrences at face value, but there is a new theory out there that some say explains the evidence much better than the plate tectonics theory, and that is the expanding Earth theory.

In this video you can see how perfectly the continents fit together when they remain the same size and their relative positions on the surface of the Earth are maintained, but the Earth’s actual mass is reduced. One way that we knew Africa and South America were together at one point was by the way that they fit together almost perfectly when they are closer to each other. That’s one of the main ways that we know that the continents at one point fit together. But what the scientists don’t want to tell you is that the continents also fit together in between the Pacific Ocean. The only reason why the “knee jerk Pangaea theory” even exists is because it’s hard to conceptually visualize the Pacific spread because it was so big.

At one point in history almost the entire Earth was covered in just the continents and only very small bodies of water.

The theory of plate tectonics is wrong for a multitude of reasons according to this video. One of the reasons is that the mantle is much too thick for entire continents to “swim or drift about willy-nilly bumping and crashing into each other as if they were on a grease skillet”

Another reason why the expanding Earth theory better fits the data is because sea floor bottoms only date back to about 60 million years ago. It makes sense why they would only date back 60 million years ago because there were no oceans 60 million years ago.

Shows the direction of continents moving
Shows the direction of continents moving

This is a map of the ocean floor. It shows lines that appear to show movement outwards. The lines show the movement of all continents spreading out equally to each other, including the spread from the Pacific Ocean, showing that North America and Asia were once touching.

Overall the expanding Earth theory has more evidence and fits better with the existing evidence than plate tectonics does. I did not go over all of the information and arguments for the expanding Earth theory; I just gave an introduction to the topic. One last bit to add is that Earth is not the only expanding planet. There is evidence that Mars is also expanding. If you take a quick look at the Valles Marineris you can clearly see that it appears as if the planet is splitting open at the seams. If you fit both sides of the Valles Marineris back together you can see that they fit perfectly.

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  1. mmurray9549
    11:38 am - 1-18-2011

    I find it really interesting that pangea is actually just a theory but based on what you said it makes sense. I liked the metaphor of how the continents are just drifting around as if they’re on a greased skillet. It seems like you mostly just talked about how pangea is wrong and not why the expanding Earth theory is correct.

  2. riverdougherty
    11:47 am - 1-25-2011

    Interesting theory, if you set aside the fact that plate tectonics is proven. Fossils of the same species of ancient animals that had no way of crossing the ocean, have been found on different continents. Also- mountains, volcanoes, earthquakes, canyons, tsunamis, and any other landforms can only be explained by shifting plates, essentially the plate tectonics theory.

  3. Kelly Percy
    6:47 pm - 3-3-2011

    Well this guy right here takes your theory and shows you why it’s one of those old ideas that sticks around because there are still crazy people around who will believe it. But I must admit, your video is quite convincing. I think the repetition of Pangea connecting and separating and connecting and separating really drills the idea that it fits together and that it must have been smaller to have that happen. It shows you the world as a really simple puzzle and puts it in a way so any child could see that the puzzle pieces fit. But as everyone knows, there are many factors to the world that keep it from being anything like a simple puzzle.

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