The Bermuda Triangle Mystery

Over the years, strange and mysterious occurrences have plagued the Bermuda triangle. Everything from disappearing airplanes to missing ships have been reported over its 130 year history. Some of these famous disappearances include:flight 19,the USS Cyclops, S.S. Marine Sulphur Queen, and the S.S. Hewitt. Several theories have been postulated to describe these strange occurrences, these theories range from aliens to the intervention of unexplained forces. The most popular theory to date states that Atlantis is located under the Bermuda Triangle and that ships and planes keep disappearing because Atlantis his some form of defense system that consist of ”magic crystals left from the time of Atlantis ” according to The main backing for this theory is the unexplainable coincidence that the Bimini road (located in the Bermuda triangle) emerged at the same time as the psychic Edgar Cayce predicted that Atlantis would emerge from under the ocean.

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It is my personal belief that these theories are preposterous and generally stem from natural occurrences that confuse the general public however, there are mysteries that still cannot be explained by tidal waves, hurricanes, and unusual gravitational fields, for these a simple explanation can be offered: that pirates and unfriendly ships were responsible for the disappearances of the occasional vessel.

2 thoughts on “The Bermuda Triangle Mystery

  1. I agree with you (that the theories stem from natural occurrences), while it would be super awesome if the Bermuda triangle really was this strange ship-sucking bit in the ocean, I feel like natural tidal waves and gravitational pulls are scientifically more plausible (although I’ve never seen scientific explanation of it).
    I kind of think of this like the squeaky wall- for whatever reason the wall didn’t line up with the lockers correctly, and the bermuda triangle is just this off-balance part of the ocean.
    yes i just compared the bermuda triangle to the squeaky wall.

  2. Yeah, there have been many strange occurrences within the Bermuda Triangle, but what is exactly is to blame for that? Has there been studies on magnetic fields within the triangle, or seismic activity underneath the ocean? It’s probably best to investigate these things, as well as other more probable causes before we blame the Martians.

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